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VMMC Surgeon At Eastern Deanery AIDS Relief Program – (10 Positions )

Full Time

Job Details Eastern Deanery Aids Relief Program (EDARP) is a faith based program under the Roman Catholic Church. Eastern Deanery

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How To Apply For 30,000 Jobs With China Road & Bridge Corporation

A large number of recruiters confirm that most mistakes candidates make are during the application process. These mistakes range from poorly written CV, leaving blank field in the application forms, spelling and grammatical errors to turning in the application late. The China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) recently confirmed that it had embarked on a

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Corporate Staffing Recruitment: 7 NEW Employment Openings Open

Are you looking for a Finance, Sales or Accounting job? Corporate Staffing Services is currently hiring for various clients in different industries. The Westlands based recruitment firm is looking to fill the following openings. An Accountant for one of the leading and most respected Security Solutions providers for a wide host of clients in diverse

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Top 5 Interview Questions & Answers For Internal Auditor Jobs

An Auditor is tasked with looking at the finances of a company in terms of accuracy, completeness, compliance and also advice on growing concern about the business. In other words, he or she must ensure that what has been put by the accountant is accurate and pass judgment as to whether a business has a

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