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6 Common But Tough Interview Questions You May Likely Fail

Here are six of the most common interview questions, what the hiring manager is really asking, and how you should respond: 1. “TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF.” What the hiring manager is really asking… “How do your education, work history, and professional aspirations relate to the open job?” How to respond: Select key work and education

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Before You Go For That Job Interview, Please Read This

If you have an upcoming interview and you’re not sure exactly how to face it, we will guide you through how to prepare for an interview. Preparing for an interview takes time and effort. There are quite a few suggested resources here to help you cover your basics & the checklist to keep track: Stage

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Why Quick Fixes Don’t Work In Personal Development

Most of us don’t want to hear this, but; there are no quick fixes or short cuts to personal development (or to anything else worthwhile, for that matter). The road to bettering ourselves is a long continous one that requires time, commitment and self-discipline. Of course, it’s human nature to look for the quickest, easiest

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