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Common Interview Questions & Answers For Human Resource Jobs

Human resource personnel are tasked with the responsibility of handling the hiring and firing of the employees as well as maintaining confidential documents in an organization. The key to nailing an interview in an entry level Human Resource Position is to prove that you are trustworthy person and possibly furthering your career in the field.

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CV Writing: How To Indicate Job Titles

“I have worked for a number of companies and I am a bit confused on listing my employment history. Kindly advice me if I am to include the name of the companies first or my job title,” writes Peninah Karemi in an email. Speaking to Melody Mwendwa, a Career Advisor at Corporate Staffing Services, she

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My Dilemma: Threatened to Quit My Job & Got Fired

Disagreeing with your employer is normal but things can be blown out of proportion especially if boundaries are not defined. This is because bosses can sometimes be intimidating and overstep their mandate during a confrontation with their employees. Here is one experience of an employee who threatened to quit her job and ended up provoking

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